How Counseling Can Help You

A  significant part of the human experience is being social, sharing with others, and expressing yourself. Taking the time to speak openly about your emotions, wants, needs, and even your fears can be incredibly relieving. The expression ‘I feel like a weight has been lifted’ goes to show how much of a burden our suppressed thoughts can be on us. That being said, relief is only one of the many benefits associated with counseling and therapy, and this article aims to shed light on more of what makes counseling so helpful.

The team of specialists at My Psychiatrist offers a comprehensive counseling and therapy service. Our team has an extensive amount of experience, helping patients navigate some of the most challenging situations life has confronted them with. You don’t have to bear your burden alone; know that there are trusted professionals who want to see you succeed and live life to your fullest potential.

Health Benefits of Counseling

Progress and improvements made in counseling sessions can and will translate into real-life benefits, ranging from:

  • Better sleep
  • Concentration
  • Emotional control 
  • Less reliance on pharmaceutical intervention
  • Losing dependence on harmful substances

Counseling can help you get through more challenging times of the year as well, such as the holiday season, darker and cold winter seasons, as well as periods of uncertainty such as COVID-19 lockdowns Counseling and therapy is without a doubt, one of the most beneficial actions you can take to improve your mental health.

Who Can Benefit From Counseling?

Everyone can learn or gain something from counseling. It can’t be quantified because everyone has unique experiences and will interpret therapy in their own way. But regardless of where you are in life, counseling has something to offer you.

Mental Health

We stay active and go to the gym to keep our bodies healthy, we have routine visits to the dentist for our teeth, counseling and therapy are the equivalents for maintaining good mental health. Below is a list of some of the benefits of counseling:

Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are two of the most prominent mental illnesses that affect most of the population at some point in their lives. There is a wide range of factors as to why that is, but an increasing number of studies show that people find relief from their symptoms during counseling and therapy sessions.

Anxiety is overthinking and fear of the unknown, while depression is rumination and dwelling on the past. Counseling helps you express the feelings attached to these scenarios, allowing your mind to begin and end each thought, and then put them to rest. Your mind will experience tremendous relief after communicating what is troubling you and moving forward.

Counseling for Addictions and Substance Use

Breaking free of addiction requires strength and determination. Counseling offers a helping hand when you feel at risk of slipping or relapsing. Providing you with a safe space to talk openly and honestly, free of judgment – letting your feelings out can be incredibly empowering and allow you to feel in control once again. Experienced therapists have helped many people out of troubling times and into better health and a brighter future.

High Stress

When we are unable to voice our thoughts, they have a tendency to become backlogged in our minds. You may find yourself endlessly repeating checklists, stressing about a topic, and being unable to come to a conclusion, only to circle back to it later. This vicious cycle of stress is easily mitigated with counseling sessions. 

Openly talking about topics that are causing you stress in your daily life will provide you with immediate relief. Just by speaking your mind, feeling heard, having your emotions validated and acknowledged, you will notice a substantial reduction in stress and tension.

Counseling for Domestic Violence

How do you end, escape or recover from an abusive relationship? These are all incredibly tough questions that can be answered through counseling sessions. Counselors will have access to a comprehensive range of resources and support programs that can be life-changing for them.

Having an unbiased opinion can pull back the curtain on your situation and provide you with a much-needed ally in your time of need. Counselors’ primary goal is to ensure everyone is safe and not in immediate danger. Whether you are currently in, have just left, or are in the stages of dealing with past trauma, counseling is the best way to protect your mental and possibly physical health during this incredibly challenging time

How it can Benefits Students

Being a student in 2022 means you are most likely exposed to tremendous financial stress, very strenuous schedules, and timetables, pressure to perform and succeed, along with all of the social and societal pressures that co-occur.

Students are at a high risk of experiencing burnout, anxiety, depression, and varying levels of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Counseling sessions are very effective at helping students prioritize, focus and clear away a lot of the clutter that plagues their minds.

Studies have shown that easing the stresses experienced by students can result in higher average academic performance ranging from 15-25%.

Counseling for Health Conditions

People who face serious health concerns, either in the form of chronic illness, terminal illness, or dramatic life changes like paralysis or amputation can find some form of peace through counseling sessions.

These experiences can be shocking, sudden, and leave you feeling not in control of your own life. Counselors help people navigate difficult times like these by promoting the ideas of acceptance and giving them a positive narrative to adapt to this new way of life.

Workplace Counseling Benefits

Counseling applied to workplace settings and environments takes on a different tone altogether. Workplace counseling can be used to help your team operate more effectively, as a cohesive, singular unit. Workplaces tend to be areas of high stress, fast-paced, high stakes decisions, so having a trained professional that can keep everyone centered is a valuable asset. Other benefits may include:

  • Improving communication and social skills
  • Raising awareness of emotional intelligence and personal boundaries
  • Offer Alternative perspectives and diverse thinking
  • Stronger social networks
  • Promote healthy practices, such as conflict resolution
  • Motivate employees; promote excitement in the workplace.

Counseling and Therapy Services Available in Reston & Falls Church, VA Clinics

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