Medication Management

All you need to know about Medication Management

Medication is an important part of the recovery process. Even more so, proper medication management is vital to ensuring that you continue to feel okay before, during, and after your treatment. However, even when the treatment calls for regular medication intake, some people may lose hope, forget, or be unable to see how it can help. When it comes to your health, you should always follow the direction of your doctor to achieve the best possible outcome, and this includes staying to your regular medication schedule.

To understand medication management, it’s important to know that oftentimes, mental health goes down to the physiological level. In these instances, it is important to address the condition that may be causing your emotional and physical pain. For example, several illnesses can result in depression, as they can change the physiological processes of the brain. Medications play a crucial role, as they may reduce symptoms of a mental health disorder and prevent relapses.

The Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Therapist

Oftentimes, medication management is misunderstood. However, understanding the differences that exist between a therapist and a psychiatrist can help to bridge the gap between medication management and therapy. For example, although often used synonymously, there are differences in the types of services each can provide. A therapist is primarily responsible for addressing mental health disorders with talk therapy and is unable to provide a prescription for medication. A Psychiatrist, on the other hand, can prescribe medication when that treatment course is warranted and operates on the medical model of care. This means that a diagnosis will be made and a personalized medical treatment plan will be organized, specific to your needs and condition.

At My Psychiatrist PLC, we provide a comprehensive medication management service that will help you stay on track with your medication. Our medical professionals will address the cause of your condition and provide a medicinal solution that may help you see results.

What’s Involved in Medication Management

When choosing a provider for medication management, it is important to select a team of medical and psychological professionals who can determine if your condition is better served with therapy or medication management. Most general providers will prescribe medications without any follow-up, however, at My Psychiatrist PLC, we understand the importance that follow-up serves in preventing relapse. Our comprehensive medication management services include:

  • Medical examinations
  • CT scans
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Diagnosis
  • 45-minute intake consultation
  • Follow-ups, including 1 month and 3 month

Medication management focuses on healing the physiological processes of the brain with medication. Medication management differs from traditional therapy as it aims to improve a patient’s quality of life by addressing your condition at the physiological level, with a personalized wellness plan.

Medication Management May Help You Find Relief

Struggling to find relief for a debilitating mental health disorder? Looking to improve your relationships, mood, and get your life back on track? Medical management may be what you need. Our medical professionals can accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe medication that may begin your journey towards better mental health. Contact our professionals today to learn more

First Initial Visit with your clinicians is 45 Min session
Follow-up visit: 15-30 min session

What to bring in your first visit?

  • Past Medical Records
  • Current and past medical list
  • Current Medication Bottle
  • Discharge summary from the hospital or previous providers