Providers Testimonials

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a Clinician working at My Psychiatrist. HR is incredible, the onboarding process was seamless and supportive. As well, the Clinical/Administrative staff is super friendly, welcoming and always available to answer any of my questions and assist. The patient EHR system is user friendly and allows for proficiency and promptness with report writing. I have had a wonderful experience with My Psychiatrist – DA

I have been with My Psychiatrist for almost 1 year and have really enjoyed working here. It has been such a supportive environment between clinicians and office staff. It has offered the flexibility of meeting with patients both in person and via Telehealth. I have loved being able to help my patients through therapeutic conversations, education and medication management – HC

I have been practicing at My Psychiatrist for almost three years. In that time, I have had the privilege of working with and helping a wide variety of patients and witnessed vast improvements and healthy changes made. My ability to provide quality care is bolstered by the adaptive, supportive, and professional administrative staff. I am able to provide the best care to my patients because My Psychiatrist places a strong emphasis on evidence-based practices, ensuring that we stay up-to-date with the latest research and treatment modalities through continuing education opportunities both in-house and outside of the practice. The collaborative and supportive team environment at My Psychiatrist allows all clinical staff to stay informed and well engaged in the continuity of care for our patients whether through medication management, testing, or talk therapies. – KM

My Psychiatrist is a great place to work. Goals are clear and accessible. Feedback is both constructive and supportive. It really feels like management values staff members and is committed to helping them succeed, grow, and advance. The office environment and staff are friendly, welcoming, and team oriented. I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day at My Psych! – MS

Working at My Psychiatrist has been a great experience. Our staff is very supportive and friendly. There is a lot of diversity on our team with a myriad of life and professional experiences that enrich my overall skill as a clinician. – KC

I have and do greatly enjoyed working at My Psychiatrist, PLC, for the past two and a half years. Helping the patients who come here find ways forward toward their health and goals is a genuine privilege. I have felt very supported in that effort by the My Psychiatrist team of peers, leadership, and administrative staff, who collectively aim for the work we do here to be done professionally and effectively. It’s a really good place to work. – JM

I started working at My Psychiatrist in October 2021. I appreciate the structure within the practice which goes to Dr. Uprety. I believe that working at My Psychiatrist has provided me the ability to master new skills while providing a healthy work environment. I also enjoy the ability to have a collaborative team that allows and encourages team building, brainstorming, and the overall future goals with the practice. – IO

I have been working as a general psychiatrist at My Psychiatrist PLC since June 2018. I genuinely feel that the opportunity to serve diverse patients representing different parts of the globe has been a truly satisfying experience at this outpatient clinic. Besides seeing my regular patients, I have enjoyed practicing other treatment modalities including Spravato and TMS. As a medical director, I feel privileged to have an excellent team of expert providers who work everyday with compassion and due care towards our patients. – SA

Since joining the company, I have been consistently impressed by the supportive and nurturing work environment provided by My Psychiatrist PLC. It is commendable that company prioritizes employee well-being, fostering a culture that encourages open communication and collaboration. This has allowed me to feel valued and motivated to do my best in every aspect! – MG

My time here at My Psychiatrist has been purposeful and meaningful. The staff and management has not only been helpful but compassionate. I have learned many skills over the time I have been here and I am constantly learning more. The work environment is communicative, inclusive, and positive. – GS

The team we have at MyPsych is really friendly and supportive of each other. I enjoy working here and coming into the office each day knowing that I can rely on my team. They’re what make MyPsych a great place to work. – JK

My Psychiatrist values employees work life balance and promotes a healthy work environment. Leadership and management is approachable and understanding with concerns and ideas to grow. Across the company from front desk, billing and the providers they are focused and striving to make a positive impact among patients. I’m proud to be part of the My Psychiatrist team and look forward to the future! – AB