AnxietyAnxiety & Depression

​​5 Simple Ways to Cope With Anxiety

If you have ever experienced anxiety, you know all too well how feelings can boil up and overwhelm you. If left unchecked, anxiety can elicit very powerful emotions and even a physical reaction. That being said, because anxiety is such a prevalent condition throughout the population, there have been countless studies, therapies, treatments, and practices…

TMS Depression TreatmentDepression

Depression Treatment: What Is TMS?

Depression is a complex mental health condition. Some people may experience seasonal depression, others may go through brief episodes of depression, while others can be clinically diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. Even how each individual manages and treats their depression will vary. Some people will find treatment highly effective, with noticeable improvements in their…

Panic DisorderPanic Disorder

How To Treat A Panic Disorder

People who experience frequent panic attacks can be diagnosed with a panic disorder. This condition can severely impact a person’s quality of life, as panic episodes overwhelm them at already stressful times. It can make you feel powerless, out of control and usually comes with powerful emotional reactions. This article will help give you a…


How Counseling Can Help You

A  significant part of the human experience is being social, sharing with others, and expressing yourself. Taking the time to speak openly about your emotions, wants, needs, and even your fears can be incredibly relieving. The expression ‘I feel like a weight has been lifted’ goes to show how much of a burden our suppressed…


ADHD: A Closer Look At Its Symptoms

ADHD is a mental health disorder that is responsible for behavior that can be described as hyperactive or impulsive. Typically, people suffering from ADHD have difficulty concentrating or focusing on a specific task. This can impact your work, school, and relationships.  However, ADHD can be hard to identify as many of the symptoms mimic those…

Neuropsychological Test

Neuropsychological Test: Everything You Need To Know

A neuropsychological test is a test to measure how well a person’s brain is performing at a baseline, or after a traumatic injury. The abilities tested include reading and understanding, language comprehension, attention span, learning and processing speed, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, mood level, personality, and more. The team of experts at My Psychiatrist specializes in…