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    We provide personal and effective mental health services to the residents of Northern Virginia from our local clinic located in Reston, VA.

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    We are committed to providing quality care while stopping further Coronavirus spread by maintaining social distancing. Effective March 18, 2020, My Psychiatrist successfully transitioned all clinical operations online via a HIPAA – Compliant audio-Video system.  ALL new or follow-up patient appointments must see providers from home via our telehealth system. WE ARE ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS.

    Before seeing your provider online, you must call our office to schedule/after confirm appointment and make a payment as required.  For scheduled appointments, we encourage you to call at least a day in advance.

    At least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, simply click the link below or copy the URL to the web browser. Enter your full name and you will enter your provider’s virtual waiting room.  It’s that simple!  Doxy.Me is readily accessible via computer (chrome or Firefox browser is recommended) or mobile device. If you have a computer, you need a microphone (earphones with built-in mic work well)  and camera. You DO NOT need to login or create an account to see your provider.

    If needed, please watch THIS VIDEO to learn how to go online.

    Your Personalized Mental Health Caregiver

    We provide personal and effective mental health services to the residents of Northern Virginia from our local clinic located in Reston, VA. We also provide mental health services to rural and underserved areas through our telehealth networks.

    No two people are alike so My Psychiatrist gives special attention to individual clients and tailors treatment based on unique factors such as background, family situations, and expectations.

    My Psychiatrist has years of experience treating individuals with various forms of mental health issues. We find great fulfillment in helping individuals during their difficult time of life through close attention and careful monitoring. Our expert physicians manage medication judiciously to maximize its efficacy and simplify the regimen to keep side effects and unnecessary exposure at a minimum.

    To find additional information and help with mental health issues, please click here for helpful links to trusted resources.


    My Psychiatrist can lead
    you to hope & recovery.

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